No organoleptic problems, cork dust or cork particles with Newcork. The closed and homogenous cell structure of Newcork keeps your wine, sparkling wine, beer, champagne or spirits in optimum condition. This way, your product retains all its aromas. They can also be personalised with print.   Newcork is often used with heat shrink capsules, complex capsules, aluminium capsules, champagne capsules, tin capsules and muselets. Eurocap & Eurocork are experienced manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of closures. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us; we look forward to helping you make the right choice.
thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), circular and/or biobased
Standard colours:
beige, brown, black, green, fuchsia, red, blue, orange and white
Pantone colour or the option to print the crown caps with a logo and/or brand name
Minimum order quantity for standard colours:
1 box
Delivery time for standard colours:
+/- 2 weeks
Delivery time for customisation:
+/- 3 weeks after artwork approval
Files to be submitted:
deliver design in vector file (Adobe Illustrator)
38 x 22 mm 3,000 per box
42 x 22 mm 2,500 per box
38 x 25 mm 2,500 per box
43 x 25 mm 2,500 per box
44 x 29 mm 1,250 per box
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