Closures tailored to your needs
Closures tailored to your needs

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Are you looking for crown caps that fully meet your requirements? A long-term partner for your bottle closures?

Eurocap & Eurocork has specialised in closures for a wide range of beverages and food products for over thirty years. We cater to the diverse needs of our customers with a wide range of crown caps.

Order crown caps 

Beer, wine, water, soft drink or dairy: crown caps are the ideal seal for a variety of beverages, retaining freshness without affecting taste or quality.


If you are looking to order crown caps from an experienced distributor and manufacturer, Eurocap & Eurocork serves a highly varied customer base using knowledge and experience gained through many years in the industry. In addition to crown caps, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of closures , from capsules and muselets to screw caps and lids.

Crown caps with knowledge and quality


 Are you a brewer or beverage company looking to order crown caps? Eurocap & Eurocork is committed to long-term partnerships with its diverse customer base. From start-ups and small businesses to established market players, Eurocap & Eurocork supplies crown caps to a wide B2B audience, both locally and internationally.


Customers can choose from our standard designs or personalise their order with custom colours and printing. Corporate identity, logo or brand name: we develop crown caps in line with your brand identity.

Order crown caps? Eurocap & Eurocork is happy to be of service.

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Discover the benefits of crown caps from Eurocap & Eurocork


  • Personalisation options | In addition to the wide range of standard options, Eurocap & Eurocork  crown caps are fully customizable via colour or printing. Gold or silver, matte or high-gloss, a print with a logo or brand name—the options are virtually endless.   


  • Product combinations | Crown caps are often used together with shrink capsules, champagne capsules and corks, which are also included in Eurocap & Eurocork's extensive range.


  • Various sizes | Eurocap & Eurocork offers crown caps in various sizes, from 26 mm and 29 mm to 36 mm, with or without a bidule. We have the right closure for any bottle, be it glass, plastic or metal.

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Order crown caps: the benefits of Eurocap & Eurocork 

  • Objective product advice | We offer a wide range of closures, enabling us to advise our customers objectively to help them make the right choice.
  • After-sales service | You can count on us for technical support after the sale, thanks to our stable partnerships and extensive knowledge and experience.
  • Flexibility | Our spacious warehouse allows us to offer customers flexible solutions aimed at optimising their logistics chain and working capital, such as just-in-time deliveries and proactive inventory management.
  • Innovative solutions | We work closely with our customers to develop new solutions and continuously improve the quality of our products.
  • One-stop-shop | With our in-house production and extensive partner network, Eurocap & Eurocork can guarantee a comprehensive range of closures.
  • Only producer of T-corks in the Benelux | Eurocork produces an extensive range of standard and custom T-corks.
  • In-house cork treatment and printing | In addition to the production of plastic corks, we also treat and print natural corks.


Order crown caps?


Eurocap & Eurocork recommends, manufactures and distributes closures for a wide range of applications. We are fully focused on product innovation, quality improvement and sustainability.

If you would like to place an order for crown caps or are looking for the right closure for your product and need personalised advice,

contact us today for professional support from our product advisors. 


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