Closures tailored to your needs
Closures tailored to your needs

Ordering Cork Stoppers

Order cork stoppers for your wines, champagne, beers, spirits, or NoLo drinks? Looking for agglomerated cork stoppers, natural cork stoppers, colmated cork stoppers, champagne cork stoppers, or technological cork stoppers of top quality?


Eurocap & Eurocork has over thirty years of experience in producing and distributing closures for numerous beverages and food items. Ordering cork stoppers? Thanks to our in-house treatment and printing, you can rely on cork stoppers of excellent quality.


Ordering cork stoppers from Eurocap & Eurocork: quality first


From beer and (sparkling) wine to spirits and alcohol-free spirits, cork stoppers are the closure of choice to preserve beverages optimally. To ensure the preservation of taste and aroma, the quality of the cork plays an essential role.


Eurocap & Eurocork is committed to product quality and manages the entire treatment and personalization process in-house. From dusting, printing, to packaging cork stoppers: Eurocap & Eurocork has an extensive machine park in Rotselaar and conducts continuous in-house quality controls, ensuring each customer receives a cork that meets their product and packaging requirements.


Buying cork stoppers? The product experts at Eurocap & Eurocork are here to help. 

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Ordering cork stoppers? Explore the assortment


With over thirty years of experience, Eurocap & Eurocork has built an (inter)national customer portfolio of producers and distributors active in the beverage sector. To meet diverse customer demands, Eurocap & Eurocork offers a wide range of cork stoppers, always tailored to the specific preservation requirements and look-and-feel of the product.


Printing on cork stoppers? The personalization options at Eurocap & Eurocork are extensive!

Logo, brand name, or tagline: all cork stoppers can be perfectly printed according to your design, both on the top and the side. To ensure quality, personalizations are done in-house in our production space in Rotselaar.


A selection from the assortment:

  • Technological cork stoppers: Technological cork stoppers are made from high-quality cork granules (low density with dimensions between 0.5 mm and 1 mm). Moreover, these cork stoppers are organoleptically neutral, preserving the aromas of your beverages optimally.
  • Agglomerated cork stoppers: Ordering cork stoppers with an excellent price-quality ratio? Agglomerated cork stoppers are made from coarse cork granules and are a suitable closure for a wide range of beers, wines, and spirits.
  • Colmated cork stoppers: These cork stoppers are made from natural cork whose pores are filled, ensuring the taste and aroma of your beverage are preserved optimally. Personalizations through printing are also more readable.
  • Natural cork stoppers: Buying cork stoppers for still or sparkling wines? Eurocap & Eurocork offers natural cork stoppers in various qualities and dimensions. These cork stoppers are also perfectly customizable in-house.


Conical cork stoppers: In addition to our cork stoppers in a classic format, Eurocap & Eurocork also offers conical cork stoppers in a size on request. Regarding material, you have the choice between natural cork, technological cork, colmated cork, or plastic.


Ordering high-quality cork stoppers?

Explore the assortment

Ordering cork stoppers: discover the benefits of ordering from Eurocap & Eurocork


  • Objective product advice: Offering a wide range of closures, we advise our customers with an unbiased view when making the right choice.
  • After-sales: Thanks to our stable partnerships and extensive knowledge and experience, you can easily reach out to us for technical support after the sale.
  • Flexibility: Our spacious warehouse allows us to provide customers with flexible solutions, focusing on optimizing their logistics chain and working capital, such as just-in-time deliveries and proactive inventory management.
  • Innovative solutions: We work closely with our customers to develop new solutions and continuously improve the quality of our products.
  • One-stop-shop: With our in-house production and extensive partner network, Eurocap & Eurocork guarantees a total package of closures.
  • The only producer of bar-top stoppers in the Benelux: Eurocork produces and personalizes a wide range of bar-top stoppers.
  • In-house treatment and printing of corks: In addition to the production of plastic corks, we also treat and print natural corks.


Ordering cork stoppers?


Eurocap & Eurocork advises, produces, and distributes closures for various applications. We focus on product innovation, quality improvement, and sustainability.


Would you like to place an order for cork stoppers? Or are you looking for the right closure for your product and need personalized advice?

Feel free to contact us; our product advisors will assist you expertly.

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