Closures tailored to your needs
Closures tailored to your needs

Order heat shrink capsules

Would you like to order heat shrink capsules from an experienced manufacturer and distributor of closures? Do you want to seal your drinks with heat shrink capsules that can be personalised perfectly, both in colour and print? 


Eurocap & Eurocork is your one-stop-shop for a wide range of closures, including heat shrink capsules. Discover our product range, select the desired material and personalise your heat shrink capsule with your brand, logo and tagline.


Order heat shrink capsules from Eurocap & Eurocork 


Heat shrink capsules are the product of choice to seal your drinks and protect them against external influences. Whether you choose PVC, PET or PLA: the heat shrink capsules of Eurocap & Eurocork are available in different materials and finishes. This way, we assure you of a closure that is 100% geared to your wishes and needs.


Would you like to order heat shrink capsules from a supplier with years of experience in the sector? Eurocap & Eurocork is a European producer and distributor of a wide range of closures, including heat shrink capsules. Depending on your product and desired packaging style, we offer heat shrink capsules in numerous colours, sizes and designs.


Want to order heat shrink capsules from Eurocap & Eurocork?

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Heat shrink capsules with wide range of personalisation options


Besides sealing, heat shrink capsules are ideal for dressing up your product stylishly. A subtle capsule in one colour, a unique design that catches the eye, your slogan around the bottle opening, ... The heat shrink capsules of Eurocap & Eurocork can be personalised perfectly in a wide range of colours. Capsules with prints are also easily available.


A heat shrink capsule with your brand name or logo? No problem at all! At Eurocap & Eurocork you have the possibility to personalise the capsules with a print on top and/or side. You also have the choice of a horizontal or vertical tear-off strip.


Heat shrink capsules that seal your drinks and provide brand recognition? Eurocap & Eurocork will be more then happy to help you.

Heat shrink capsules, three packaging benefits


  • Cost-effective closure|Heat shrink capsules seal drinks perfectly and also have an interesting price tag. A maximum effect, with a minimum cost.
  • Perfectly combinable with other closures | Heat shrink capsules are often used together with bartop stoppers, corks or crown caps. These are also available at Eurocap & Eurocork.
  • Boost for brand recognition | company style, brand colours or striking logo: at Eurocap & Eurocork you can easily personalise your heat shrink capsules. Count on +/- 6 weeks delivery time after approval of your design. 


  • Objective product advice | We offer a wide range of closures, enabling us to advise our customers objectively to help them make the right choice.
  • After-sales service | You can count on us for technical support after the sale, thanks to our stable partnerships and extensive knowledge and experience.
  • Flexibility | Our spacious warehouse allows us to offer customers flexible solutions aimed at optimising their logistics chain and working capital, such as just-in-time deliveries and proactive inventory management.
  • Innovative solutions | We work closely with our customers to develop new solutions and continuously improve the quality of our products.
  • One-stop-shop | With our in-house production and extensive partner network, Eurocap & Eurocork can guarantee a comprehensive range of closures.
  • Only producer of T-corks in the Benelux | Eurocork produces an extensive range of standard and custom T-corks.
  • In-house cork treatment and printing | In addition to the production of plastic corks, we also treat and print natural corks.




Eurocap & Eurocork recommends, manufactures and distributes closures for a wide range of applications. We are fully focused on product innovation, quality improvement and sustainability.

If you would like to place an order for heat shrink capsules or are looking for the right closure for your product and need personalised advice, contact us today for professional support from our product advisors. 

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