closures crown caps cork screw caps muselets
Closures tailored to your needs
closures crown caps cork screw caps muselets
Closures tailored to your needs
closures crown caps cork screw caps muselets

Eurocap & Eurocork

As an experienced B2B partner, Eurocap & Eurocork supply a wide range of closures worldwide, from corks and crown caps, to screw caps and muselets. Our work is based on thirty years of expertise and a focus on quality, innovation and sustainability.


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Eurocap & Eurocork offer a wide range of closures for various applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Our focus is on innovation and sustainability; as an experienced manufacturer, we actively look at new developments tailored to our customers and invest in sustainable production processes.


Closures in line with your needs? We continue to invest in up-to-date production techniques and in-house customisation. Contact us for more information


We work with carefully selected partners for closures that do not fit our in-house production capabilities. Through these partnerships, we offer a comprehensive range of products for a wide variety of customers, including brewers, food producers and pharmaceutical companies. Our client portfolio ranges from start-ups to well-established companies.

We are happy to assist you in selecting the perfect closure for your project. Contact us today

What does Eurocork do?Eurocork focuses on the production and customisation of closures in Belgium.

What does Eurocap do? Eurocap offers a comprehensive range of closures including crown caps, screw caps and lids. To keep our range as broad as possible, we enter into long-term collaborations with our European partners.


How Eurocap Eurocork can benefit you 

  • Objective product advice | Because we offer a wide range of closures, we can advise our customers objectively to help them make the right choice.
  • Aftersales | You can count on us for technical support after the sale, thanks to our stable partnerships and extensive knowledge and experience.
  •  Flexibility | Our spacious warehouse allows us to offer customers flexible solutions aimed at optimising their logistics chain and working capital, such as just-in-time deliveries and proactive inventory management.
  • Innovative solutions | We work closely with our customers to develop new solutions and continuously improve the quality of our products.
  • One-stop-shop | With our in-house production and extensive partner network, Eurocap & Eurocork guarantee a comprehensive range of closures.
  • Only producer of T-corks in the Benelux | Eurocork produces an extensive range of standard and custom T-corks.
  • In-house cork treatment and printing | In addition to the production of plastic corks, we also treat and print natural corks.


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closures crown caps cork screw caps muselets
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