Closures tailored to your needs
Closures tailored to your needs

Order Champagne Capsules

Are you a champagne or beer producer in search of capsules for your bottles? Do you want to order champagne capsules with your logo, brand name, or tagline?


Eurocap & Eurocork offers a broad range of champagne capsules, available in both standard versions and fully customizable to meet your preferences. From color and printing to a tailored tear strip, you can assemble your ideal champagne capsule.


Order Champagne Capsules from an Experienced Supplier


Whether for a champagne or beer bottle, a champagne capsule ensures an optimal, stylish seal for your bottle. Placed over the cork and muselet, the capsule fully encloses the bottle neck, protecting the product from external influences. A simple, efficient, and budget-friendly seal, promptly deliverable from our stock or uniquely personalized.


Looking to order champagne capsules but need assistance in choosing the right variant? Eurocap & Eurocork has years of experience in producing and distributing closures. Over the years, we have built a broad client portfolio of beverage producers across various sectors. We attentively listen to your needs and provide personalized guidance. Tailored advice, from start to finish.

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Printing Champagne Capsules? Welcome to Eurocap & Eurocork


Whether a bold color, subtle gloss, or matte finish, Eurocap & Eurcork has an extensive stock of champagne capsules in standard colors. Personalized capsules are also part of our offerings. We are pleased to assist you in designing your unique champagne capsule, printed with your logo, slogan, or brand initials.


Prints, colors, a glossy or matte finish—we collaborate to explore options so that you receive a custom champagne capsule. Based on a vector file design (Adobe Illustrator), we develop a capsule that perfectly suits your brand. An absolute packaging asset for your beers, sparkling wines, or champagnes.


Order your champagne capsules from Eurocap & Eurocork and enjoy numerous benefits.


  • Customization Options | Choose material thickness, structure, colors, prints, high and deep printing, and more. For the tear strip, choose between standard or easy-open.
  • Marketing Value | Personalized champagne capsules are the stylish final touch to make your bottles stand out.
  • Combination Possibilities | Eurocap & Eurocork offers a total range of closures. Complete your order by choosing from our corks and muselets.


Order Champagne Capsules: Discover the Benefits of Ordering from Eurocap & Eurocork


  • Objective Product Advice | With a wide range of closures, we provide unbiased advice to help our customers make the right choice.
  • Aftersales | Thanks to stable partnerships and extensive knowledge and experience, you can rely on us for technical support even after the sale.
  • Flexibility | Our spacious warehouse enables us to offer flexible solutions, focusing on optimizing your logistical chain and working capital, such as just-in-time deliveries and proactive inventory management.
  • Innovative Solutions | We work closely with our customers to develop new solutions and continuously improve the quality of our products.
  • One-stop-shop | With in-house production and an extensive partner network, Eurocap & Eurocork ensures a total range of closures.
  • Sole Producer of T-corks in Benelux | Eurocork produces and personalizes an extensive range of T-corks.
  • In-house Treatment and Printing of Corks | In addition to plastic cork production, we also treat and print natural corks.


Order Champagne Capsules?


Eurocap & Eurocork advises, produces, and distributes closures for various applications. We prioritize product innovation, quality improvement, and sustainability.


Would you like to place an order for champagne capsules? Or are you looking for the right closure for your product and need personalized advice? Feel free to contact us; our product advisors will expertly assist you.


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