Bar-top stoppers with spirit: Eurocap & Eurocork produce personalised closures for Ginger Jack

Ginger what? Ginger Jack! It is an alcohol-free, 100% organic ginger drink launched in 2020, which has become popular among the general public. In addition to a stylish label, the bottles will feature personalised bar-top stoppers produced by Eurocap & Eurocork.  

Bar-top stoppers with a perfect fit

For the finishing touch on its bottles, Ginger Jack wanted a cork that looks stylish and seals the bottle perfectly. That’s no easy feat, explains co-manager Frederic Bodson.


"Our search for the perfect closure for the Ginger Jack bottles did not go smoothly. The first caps kept popping up, resulting in a poor seal. When we approached Eurocap & Eurocork, they immediately ran some tests on the caps we were using at the time. After extensive research, they developed a bar-top stopper that seals our bottle perfectly. We couldn't be happier!"

The importance of local partnerships

Ginger Jack values local partnerships. The young brand establishes as many collaborations as possible with suppliers of Belgian origin.


"For our packaging, we like to join forces with partners in the neighbourhood. We do this for our labels and—since the past year—our bottle closures. Eurocap & Eurocork thinks along with us, has a large stock and delivers according to our production forecast. An additional benefit is the extensive options for customisation. We place great importance on branding and brand recognition. The laser engraving on the head of the bar-top stopper completes our product."

Are you looking to order bar-top stoppers? Eurocap & Eurocork is happy to work with you.

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