Screw capsules (ROPP)

Screw capsules (ROPP) – Oil & vinegar

We have a broad range of screw capsules for oil & vinegar. Screw capsules allow for easy opening and closure of bottles. Our capsules provide varying levels of security and customisation. Our product range includes capsules with dispensing and anti-drip systems.

Materialen: aluminium.
Sizes: table below.
Standard colours: contact us for more information.
Customisation: it is possible to customise the capsules with a logo and/or a brand on the top and the sides.
Minimum order quantity for standard colours: 1 box.
Minimum order quantity for customisation: 50.000 pieces.
Delivery time for standard colours: available from stock.
Delivery time for customisation: +/- 4 weeks after approval of the artwork.
Customisation: please provide a vector file (Adobe Illustrator).

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    31,5 mm x 24 mm POURER
    31,5 mm x 35 mm POURER
    31,5 mm x 41 mm POURER
    31,5 mm x 44 mm POURER
    35 mm x 24 mm POURER