TCA, cork dust, cork particles, evaporation, leaks, among other things, can all harm the quality of your carefully crafted product and spoil the customers’ enjoyment. That is why we developed NEWCORK®.

NEWCORK® results from years of research and development in close collaboration with wineries, brewers and distillers. It is produced by a proprietary individual moulding process, this guarantees a constant quality and a closed cell structure.

We have developed a range of NEWCORK®: for beer, wine, sparkling wine and spirits.

Material: synthetic closure produced by individual moulding.
38 x 22 mm
42 x 22 mm
38 x 25 mm
43 x 25 mm
44 x 29 mm
Standard colours: natural, black, green, fuchsia, red and blue.
Customisation: it is possible to customise the cork stoppers with a logo and/or a brand.

38 x 22 mm: 3.000 per box
42 x 22 mm: 2.500 per box
38 x 25 mm: 2.500 per box
43 x 25 mm: 2.500 per box
44 x 29 mm: 1.250 per box
Minimum order quantity for standard colours: 1 box.
Delivery time for standard colours: 1 week.
Delivery time for customisation: +/-1 week after approval of the artwork.
Customisation: please provide a vector file (Adobe Illustrator).

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