About us

Eurocap & Eurocork

Since its establishment in 1987, EUROCORK is specialised in corks for wine, beer, spirits, cider and champagne bottles. EUROCORK expanded quickly and in 1988 EUROCORK spun out EUROCAP. EUROCAP offers a range of closures including crown corks, wirehoods, capsules (champagne, tin aluminium, polylaminate and PVC), screw capsules, twist-off capsules, KEG caps, …

In 1995 we decided to develop a synthetic cork, a combination of tradition and innovation. After years of research and development, this resulted in NEWCORK® in the year 2000. NEWCORK® is a high-quality alternative closure that offers all the benefits of natural cork without any of the drawbacks. Over the years we have expanded our portfolio to offer our customers a broad range of closures. Throughout we have retained our fundamental ambition: to provide solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. We will keep investing in innovation and in delivering the best possible customer service.